Which Dream SMP Character are you most like?

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This quiz is just for fun, or if you really want to know who you are most like. I’m not trying to guess who you are has a person, or anything like that. Your result might not even be anything like you.

These results are not accurate.In this quiz the characters you can get are: TommyInnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, Philza Minecraft, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, and Badboyhalo.

Created by: Sil3nt_Knxght
  1. What’s your favorite color?
  2. What’s your favorite character? (Does not effect score)
  3. What’s your favorite character? (Does effect score)
  4. What’s your favorite animal/insect?
  5. What’s your favorite mob?
  6. You and your friends are walking around in the mall, and you find a shop with a bunch of cool merchandise. Your friend picked out a shirt, and went to go buy it when they realized that they forgot their wallet in their car. Do you give your friend money?
  7. You are walking at the park and then you see there’s a fight going on. You realize your friend is in this fight and they are covered in blood and bruises. The guy fighting your friend is twice your size. What do you do?
  8. You and your friends are at lunch. One of your friends started to talk about their family. In the middle of them discussing, your best friend gets out of the seat and runs to the bathroom, crying. What should you do?
  9. Who do you think your most like?
  10. What’s your favorite quote?

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Quiz topic: Which Dream SMP Character am I most like?