Which Dork Diaries Character are you?

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Who are you, Mean Mack? Juicy Jessica?Blabbery Brianna?No one Nikki? Brainy Brandon?Cute Cool And Popular CCPS? Marvellous Marcy? FabFans of Mackenzie?Chlo,Zoe, n Nikki? or JUST A DORK! U choose!

Dork or CCP? Who knows mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Your Chance I is here right now to see ur fate at school and yea. So If ur someone u don’t wanna be, try again

Created by: Jesssica

  1. Who would u Invite to Ur party?
  2. Who is ur fave ever Idol
  3. A group of CCPs bullies you about about ur look, what is the first thing u do?
  4. What is the First thing in ur mind first Minute u arrive in school
  5. If someone said hi to u, what would u do?
  6. When u come in. Normal day like any other
  7. How Many friends?
  8. If someone was Bullying u like stepping on ur stuff and pushing u, and u could tell they were saying sorry SARCASTICLY and everyone believes her what would u do
  9. If u were sad what woul u do
  10. Who are you?

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Quiz topic: Which Dork Diaries Character am I?