Which disney princess are you more LIKE??

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Ok..... Today you , yes , you will be seeing which disney princess you are !!!!!!!!!!But before we start I want to say something.... It won´t take long just a minute ....

WARNING: not all disney princesses are here only Mulan , Ariel, Cinderella,Merida,Snow White and last but not least Jasmine You might be wondering why I didn´t call the quiz ¨ who are you more like Mulan , Ariel, Cinderella , Merida ,Snow White or Jasmine , well there wasn´t enough space .

Created by: Lola

  1. Would you save your father from going to a war?
  2. Would you give up your fins and have a legs but not a voice to get married to a guy
  3. Would you be too scared to secretly sneak out of your house to go to a ball???
  4. Would you rather fight with an archery or a sword ?
  5. Poisonous apple or being a maid for free???
  6. would you rather go on a flying carpet or have a dragon as a sideckick
  7. what outfit are you wearing now ?
  8. what color of clothes do you wear more?
  9. pants or dress ?
  10. And finally .....who would you marry??

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Quiz topic: Which disney princess am I more LIKE??