Which DHMIS character are you?

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In this 10 question quiz you can fin out who you would be in DHMIS! There are 6 characters to be - Yellow Guy, Duck, Red Guy, Lesley, Roy and Unemployed Brendon.

It’s easy, just give your answers to the questions and the point system will decide who you were meant to be. By the way, this is all for fun and none of this is serious :D

Created by: Clay
  1. First, let’s see if you know the show - In episode 1 season 1 (the YouTube season), who says ‘That sounds really boring.’?
  2. OK, onto the real stuff - Do you have / plan on having a job?
  3. How careless are you on a scale of 1 - 5?
  4. Do you value respect in relationships?
  5. Are you easily manipulated?
  6. Do you think of yourself as a father figure to your friends?
  7. Do you tend to yell more than others but still not often?
  8. Do you like fried chicken?
  9. Do you ever get the sense that something’s not right?
  10. Last one!Do you plot grand schemes to take power away from certain people?

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Quiz topic: Which DHMIS character am I?