Which Danish PM are you? (2.0)

In this quiz you have to answer a series of questions on both politics and personality, and once you have answered them all, you will be told which of the Danish PMs you are most like.

There are 10 different results, which range from recent Prime Ministers all the way back to some historical ones. I need to write more words here so aaa.

Created by: Andefar
  1. What did you study/want to study at university?
  2. What is your social background?
  3. Do you enjoy drinking?
  4. What kind of city are you from?
  5. Pick a party.
  6. What did you do before entering politics?
  7. What is your main issue when campaigning?
  8. Are you a big personality?
  9. When you leave office, what do you do next?
  10. Do you prefer making broad agreements or do you stick to your governing block?
  11. Your government is about to collapse, what do you do?
  12. Pick a famous Danish political quote.
  13. What is your opinion on the European Union?
  14. Are you tall?
  15. Another party is doing well, do you start taking some inspiration from their policies for your own program?
  16. Do you like the welfare state?
  17. Which part of the country do you prefer?
  18. Where on the political spectrum are you?

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Quiz topic: Which Danish PM am I? (2.0)