Which countryball are u?

Love countryballs?then try this quiz!i love countryballs.in fact,im a fan of them!10 questions,10 times the fun!I will ask you some questions and in the end you will see which countryball you are!

There are 4 possible results.good luck!and the results can be United Kingdom,Canada,USA or Ireland.again,good luck!well... if there are too less results,you can always suggest one!

Created by: Charlie

  1. Which place is your favourite to go?mine would be theme parks or the beach.
  2. if you were a fruit or veggie,which one will you be?
  3. which country is your favourite?
  4. USA and Russia are in a war.who will you support?
  5. Would you go to Brazil?
  6. Hue or Bork?
  7. Which of these countries do you live in?
  8. Are you Nordic?
  9. Would you like to join Nordic?
  10. Final question.Which country would you support in a battle royal war?

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