Which composer are you?

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Find out which classical composer you are by answering a few questions. For example, are you more or less famous than someone else in your family, and have you written a huge amount or just a few pieces?

This quiz will test you to find out which one of four fantastic composers from music history you are most like. Get ready to find out which you are...

Created by: Laurence LyndonJones of Girls' Choir 20th
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  1. Do you like writing big loud pieces for large forces, or smaller more lyrical works?
  2. Do you like to be influenced by other composers, or find your own musical voice?
  3. Are you less famous than someone else in your family?
  4. Which country do you prefer?
  5. How many pieces have you written?
  6. Did you ever have music published under someone else's name?
  7. Did you live for a long time?
  8. Did you focus mainly on composing, or a variety of other musical work too?
  9. What is your favourite type of piece of music?
  10. Do lots of people know your music?

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Quiz topic: Which composer am I?