Which chipmunk are you?

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Hello! This quiz is about the chipmunks, so it's for boys. This quiz is made to find out which chipmunk is perfect for you. When you are pretending to be the chipmunks with your friends, it's better using this.

There aren't any favorite colors, it's too public. You should try another beside colors, favorite chipmunks, and other quiz that is too public, there are fifteen quizzes for you to enjoy. And this is important: only for boys.

Created by: ivyna
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  1. You are bad and you want to change your mind, what kind of boy do you want to be?
  2. You are allowed to watch TV, what kind of movie will you choose?
  3. Where is your first date place?
  4. Your girlfriend does bad, what will you do?
  5. You are lost and your parents know where you lost, what is your feeling?
  6. You are at home and you are bored, what will you do?
  7. You are at school and you have something to play, what will you play?
  8. How people describe you?
  9. Who are your friends?
  10. You are searching for other girlfriends, who will you search?
  11. You are bored because you don't have any friends to talk with, who will you talk with?
  12. You want to give your girlfriend something, what will you give?
  13. You are bored and sad, what will you do?

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Quiz topic: Which chipmunk am I?