Which Celebrity Artist Are You

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This quiz for people, mostly teens can actually see what celebrity singer or rapper they truely are. Many of us as teens would love the opportunity to be a celebrity. So this quiz tells you which celebrity fits you best.

This quiz challenge you to the fullest of being a celebrity and who would you be. Its so fun because your dying to know who you end up as, based on your personality.

Created by: Abi-gail

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  1. do you truely love your fans
  2. Are you a person that loves colors? colors every where a fairytale(for girls) & adventurous(for boys) concert?
  3. Do you enjoy working, dancing and do your thing on the stage?
  4. Are you the type that will make the croud go wild with your sense of craziness
  5. Are you the type to have asmooth and loving concert where you connected with each and every one of them?
  6. Are you a people's person
  7. Do you enjoy adventure?
  8. Are you a party animal?
  9. Are you conceited?
  10. do you enjoy being in love?

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