Which Celeb Is Your BFF?

You know the famous singers, right? But one off them is your BFF! But to be the BFF of a celeb, you have to be simalar to them. And you have to be a true fan if them!

Are YOU a BFF of Katy Perry? Or Justin Bieber? Or maybe the hottie Jennifer Lopez. Or Imagine Dragons! You will find out, thanks to this awesome quiz I made.

Created by: Khin Sit Thway
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Fave Female Singer?
  2. Fave Male Simger?
  3. Rap Singers are great. So choose this:
  4. What kind of style you wear?
  5. Fave Song out of these?
  6. Fave Place?
  7. Fave Book?
  8. Movies are great! Pick one..
  9. Which award show do you enjoy or watch more?
  10. The alternative bands rock! So pick one of these successful bands of all time:

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Quiz topic: Which Celeb Is my BFF?