Which cartoon character are you?

Hey, find out which cartoon character you are. Some are well-known, some are not as well-known. I think that some of the best ones are ones from the nineties. Do you?

Come take this quiz to find out! Are you aired on Boomerang or Nick? Were you around when Hannah Barbera was hot? Let me tell you though, Hanna Barbera were two men with the last names of women...

Created by: Elflow
  1. A great feast is set before you, you:
  2. A drowning man is on the brink of life and death, you:
  3. Your idea of a great...LOVER...is:
  4. Are you game for bestiality?
  5. A pair of big boobies are in your face, you:
  6. Who is your best friend?
  7. Are you an old cartoon or a new cartoon?
  8. Are you aired on Boomerang?
  9. Are you aired on Nick?
  10. Are you aired on Nick?
  11. How do you value women?

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Quiz topic: Which cartoon character am I?