Which CAB Committee should you join?

So you want to join Maryville's Campus Activities Board, but you don't know which committee to put on your application? You are in the right place! This quiz was designed to give you a suggestion for the committee that will best fit your personality and interests.

There are committees for the seven different categories of events and one for Marketing. The seven committees are: Comedy, Daytime, Films, Live Performance, Off Campus, Traditions, and Weekends. After 12 questions, you will have an idea for which one to pick!

Created by: Krista of CAB
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  1. Who are you in your friend group?
  2. Would you rather take an active role in planning and executing events or working behind the scenes?
  3. Do you consider yourself organized?
  4. Do you like to meet new people and be the first person to introduce yourself?
  5. What time works best for you to attend your committee's events?
  6. When you hang out with friends, what would you probably be doing?
  7. What type of movie are you most likely to watch on Netflix?
  8. Choose the word that best describes you.
  9. Are you a resident or commuter?
  10. Select your grade level for 2015-2016.

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Quiz topic: Which CAB Committee should I join?