which breed of dog are you

some people would love to be a dog for a day but if you could be a dog which breed would you be? would you be a chihuahua with lots of energy and a high spirit? or a pit bull...misused and mean?

so whats it gonna be...this quiz has taken the common most thought of personality traits of some breeds of dogs and put them into a quiz find out what your doggy alter ego is today!

Created by: megan

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  1. do you love to talk a lot?
  2. do you like to lay in the sun?
  3. do people use you?
  4. do you love to run around outdoors?
  5. if someone came to the door and tried to get in without permission what would you do?
  6. your favorite toy is?
  7. if you were asked what your worst personality trait was would it be...
  8. your favorite thing to do in your free time is?
  9. some says you are easy to get along with...
  10. people say you are fast and furious?
  11. you have an attitude problem?
  12. pee yew whats that smell?
  13. last question...people say you are:

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Quiz topic: Which breed of dog am I