Which Bennet Sister Are You?

Do you want to find out which Bennet sister you are in Pride and Prejudice? Try it out! Are you Jane, Lizzie, Mary, Kitty or Lydia? Which one matches your personality best?

Try out this quiz. See who you are most like. Which sister are you? Are you Jane, the kind, beautiful one? Are you Lizzie the sensible, witty one? Are you Mary the most quiet out of the sisters? Or are you Lydia or Kitty. The ones you are flirty silly girls.

Created by: Eve of Eve of Womanhood
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  1. what do you like to do in your spare time?
  2. If someone is being bullied, you...?
  3. Out of all your friends you are..
  4. What do you find attractive in a gentleman?
  5. Which color do you like best?
  6. You are walking outside and it starts raining, what do you do?
  7. Which season do you like best?
  8. What does your room look like right now?
  9. Favorite type of music?
  10. Where would you like to be proposed?
  11. What would be your perfect day?

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Quiz topic: Which Bennet Sister am I?