which band are you

this is a band quiz,which are you with 3 bands each quiz(going at 3 with all my bands this will never end)i hope you get the answer you want,bye and enjoy

please request a quiz for me to do,comment and rate and give me feedback,enjoy this quiz and please take my other quizzes on my profile,if you have an idea post it on my forum

Created by: OZZYIOMMI
  1. are you mellow or loud
  2. emotional?
  3. which one
  4. do u randomly change moods
  5. *warning random questions coming stars mean not effecting score*
  6. **fave color**
  7. **u like this quiz?**
  8. whatz ur favourite genre
  9. which do u think youll be
  10. which do u think youll be

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Quiz topic: Which band am I