Which Avatar are you going to be

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My quiz is going to allow everybody here taking it to be able to understand the avatars and to become an avatar themselves so that nobody else in the world will have to feel the pain of not believing in themselves to be an avatar

So bro like this Avatar stuff is like the way of the force like you can't not be an avatar man you got to be like one of these avatars anything like you got to be like that man you got to figure it out like a puzzle who has the similar emotions of everybody else you know what I mean man thank you

Created by: Captain Mimmic

  1. Favorite character
  2. Avatar series
  3. choose Your best friends going to die after killing millions
  4. weapon
  5. color
  6. your being bullied
  7. Favorite type of bending
  8. super hero
  9. In a fight you want
  10. Who Do You Think You Are

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Quiz topic: Which Avatar am I going to be