Which Arrow Character Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of personality you have and how it matches up with your favorite TV characters? Now you have the chance to find out! By taking this quiz, you will learn more about yourself and how you relate to the characters of Arrow!

So, which one is it? Are you the mysterious, skilled hooded vigilante himself? Or are you his impulsive, yet good-hearted sister, Thea? Maybe still, you could be his blonde, geeky sidekick Felicity! Now you don't have to wait any longer...start the quiz and find out for yourself!

Created by: Shannon Kelley
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. You have a free weekend night. You...
  3. What gets you out of trouble?
  4. How often do you tell a lie?
  5. How many languages do you speak?
  6. What kind of a worker are you?
  7. Which one describes you?
  8. How forgiving are you?
  9. What do you value the most?
  10. How do you deal with problems?
  11. Which one do you most associate with?
  12. What color of hair do you have?
  13. You spend your spare time...

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Quiz topic: Which Arrow Character am I?