Which army will you join in WW3

This quiz is having 7 nation that will involved the WW3.This quiz is not prediction of war.Enjoy!! P.S:This is my quiz and i from Malaysia.If you not from this nation,just chose what you like.

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Created by: FutureKnight

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is main power of your military country?
  2. Which is your main enemy
  3. What is your main weapon?
  4. Your natiolity?(if your natiolity not in the answer,just chose what you want)
  5. ,Which one you want? Defender or Invader
  6. What is your nationality popular food?
  7. Why you join army?
  8. You watch news and it say the war will end soon,what you do?
  9. Whats your job after war?(doesnt affect score)
  10. Well,thanks for playing this quiz.This is my first quiz.Can you plz like this quiz i really appreciate that,anyways bye!!

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Quiz topic: Which army will I join in WW3