Which Anime Should You Watch? (TONS of results)

Can't find the right anime? Want to watch an anime simular to the one you just finished. Take my quiz to find out which anime is perfect for you! Thanks!

I didn't include some anime because they were too well known and most people have already seen it but I also added in mainstream animes because for those who haven't seem it HAVE TOO!

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. How do you want the style of the anime?
  2. You want magic?
  3. How about romance?
  4. How about fanservice?
  5. Things that'll make you cry
  6. School setting
  7. Use fighting as comedy
  8. Any fighting at all?
  9. What genre?
  10. I forgot about action. Any action?
  11. Any creatures? Robots, zombies, fairies, ect?
  12. An actually plot. (Example of an anime that has no actual plot: Lucky Star)
  13. Blood? Gore? Death?
  14. Which anime have you enjoyed most down below?
  15. Does it matter if the anime is mainstream or not (If a lot of people know about it)
  16. Who do you want main character to be?
  17. How old do you want the characters to be
  18. Are you hoping to have cute characters?

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Quiz topic: Which Anime should I Watch? (TONS of results)