Which alolan starter are you?

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Hello everyone! today we will find out if you are the water type starter popplio, the grass type rowlet, or the fire type litten. You will not be able to click what you want and get your favorite result.

You will be accompanied by poppy through the quiz. She will guide you and ask you questions. I have made a similar quiz so please check it out. So are you litten,rowlet or popplio?

Created by: may

  1. Hello! I'm poppy, the popplio! Today we will see which alolan starter you are! First roleplay! someone askes you for help. do you help them?
  2. It is morning.poppy: Wake up!Do you wake up?
  3. It is breakfast time.poppy: What's your favorite type?
  4. Poppy: what is your personality?
  5. poppy: what is your worst trait?
  6. poppy: what do you do if someone annoys you?
  7. did you like the quiz?
  8. poppy: what is your spirit pokemon?
  9. poppy: What is your spirit animal now?
  10. poppy: choose a pokemon.

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Quiz topic: Which alolan starter am I?