Which A.S.A.T.B.G.T Girl Character are you?

This quiz I created was for my story I created. I want to see which character that fit most people ,and also for myself too.. So. Hopefully you'll love the quiz as much as I do.

Which of My Characters are You?? Are you Carefree, Are you A Rebel, which Girl suits you the most? Find Out by taking the quiz. I promise you'll be very amused.

Created by: Tamiko The Trendsetter
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's something your good at?
  2. What Are You?
  3. Favorite Color and Decade
  4. Does drama something you love?
  5. What you think of Cultural Appropriation..
  6. How do people describe you as?.. But with a character physique.. Plot
  7. What's your sign?
  8. What guys you like..Physique and Personality
  9. Are you Girly, Average, or Tomboy?
  10. Sports?
  11. You are

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Quiz topic: Which A.S.A.T.B.G.T Girl Character am I?