Where does your peacock poo?

Peter Pan took this test. Now he’s a cheerleader for the Las Vegas Yankees. Harry Potter took this test, and got cast as Ironman in Ironman: Fall of the Periodic Table. My point? Don’t take this quiz.

Brain cells? You don’t need them. So take this quiz so I can kill then worse than meth. Yes, this quiz is worse for your brain than meth. So don’t take this test. Please.

Created by: WolfSilvey
  1. If seven lollipops were smelling your garden, could you smell what was cooking the rock. Cause no one asks about that.
  2. How does P Diddy spend Tree Fiddy?
  3. It’s time to smell the roses waking up, John Cena went to Kohl’s.
  4. Where does the hillbilly eat lasagna?
  5. If you scream at ice cream, then I scream
  6. If a tree stands up in the forest, is anyone happy it’s okay?
  7. Let fate decide your answer.
  8. The answer is simple.
  9. How do you make fire plural?
  10. What do you call a chocolate donut with no sprinkles?
  11. Does Easter come twice a year?
  12. Does pineapple go on cheeseburgers?

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Quiz topic: Where does my peacock poo?