When you drink...

There are many people out there that enjoy the social life. Hanging out with friends, drinking a little. As well as many people out there that have other things to do. This is a short quiz to find out what kind of a drinker you are. if at all.

I am not judging you at all. I just came up with some questions that I thought were good. I hope that you enjoy this quiz and maybe even laugh a little when you are taking it.

Created by: LeighAnn

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  1. It's Friday night you call all your friends to see "where the parties at?"
  2. Your friend calls you and says there is a huge Party...but she would rather go to the movies...You!
  3. You have made it to the first club you sneek in un-noticed...
  4. Your first drink...
  5. The Dance Floor is empty, "Baby got back" comes on...You?
  6. You and your friends head to a karaoke bar you sing the whole night away...
  7. You're sitting at the bar and an old guy asks you to dance (older then your father)you...
  8. The bartender shouts out "last call" you...
  9. It is time to go home...You get on your phone and try to find a party.
  10. After no luck finding an after party you get in your car and drive home...you are not too drunk.
  11. On your way home you are starving...you find an open fast food joint and order way too much food.
  12. What time do you get up the next morning?

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