Whats your warrior cat rank and name for She cats

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This quiz will reveal your warrior cats name,rank,personality and such based on your results.Just take your time and answer the questions in the quiz and wait for the results

Answer honestly.You don’t have to be named this or that or look this or that,just be yourself and answer.If you don’t like the results,retake the quiz until you like it🤷🏾‍♀️

Created by: Dragon
  1. A flood is coming.You’re the only cat who rested enough.Do you save your mate and kits,your leader or your apprentice?
  2. You find out you’ll have kits.You:
  3. There’s a fire.Your leader and kits are trapped.You can save only one,then you and the other one die.Who do you save.
  4. What do you think you are?
  5. What describes your warrior cat best?
  6. Who’s your whole world as a character?
  7. You think you have a crush.You struggle whit your feelings for a while and you decide to :
  8. Did you like the quiz (does not affect results)
  9. What suffix do you like more
  10. You see a handsome Tom at a meeting.You!

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Quiz topic: Whats my warrior cat rank and name for She cats