whats YOUR personality rating

personality can get you a long way in life. having a lower one makes you feel like your never loved and cared about. but with this quiz, you can find out exactly what and how makes you who you are

CAN you TRUELY believe that you have a GREAT personality? i can because this quiz can prove you right, or wrong! whats that you say? you know your a great person with the blossoming personality? well find out! and then send me your score, at my URL provided. have fun!

Created by: nathan of this site
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  1. how do you act around others?
  2. how do others react around you?
  3. does embarassment get the better of you?
  4. who do you hang around most of the time?
  5. who would you be most scared of?
  6. if you could say 1 last sentence to anyone right before you died, who would it be?
  7. how would you like to die?
  8. how many friends can you talk about things that you would never say to anyone else?
  9. did you honestly take this quiz?
  10. how many times have you been to gotoquiz.com?
  11. how was this quiz?

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