Whats the best place for your first date?

Where should your first date be? Are you a social butterfly or a romatic person? Would you like taking a long walk on the beach or watching a movie?Fing out in this test!

Do you want to know where your first date should be? This is useful information!You need to know this! Do you want to find out? Do you?Then take this test and find out!

Created by: Lola

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  1. If a guy you really liked aked you out you would
  2. If you had a cold would he
  3. If you stayed up all night studing for a test he would
  4. If He asked you if you wanted to a place you really didn't want to go to you would
  5. If you went to a restraunt and didn't have enough money and couldn't pay he would
  6. If you started to cry he would
  7. Would you want to share
  8. If you guys went to an amusement park would you guys ride
  9. If he was going to do something bad and you told him not to he will
  10. If you broke up with him

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Quiz topic: Whats the best place for my first date?