what Zelda character are you

this quiz will show what zelda character u r and hope you like it but the last few wont affect ur score cus i ran out of ideas so plz rate and comment

u can comment wat ur fave zelda game is and who is ur fave character is and u can if u want to im not telling u wat to do if u liked it then just rate plz thx

Created by: white tiger364

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  1. do you have a bad temper
  2. do you get cocky
  3. are you clever or smart
  4. fast or slow
  5. good or evil
  6. do you get jealous or take revenge
  7. well i ran out of questions so plz rate and comment so i can level up and if u liked it so yea im just gonna say random stuff that wont affect ur score this 1 wont so yea
  8. did u like the quiz this wont affect score
  9. nfhuer fcjh cfbiewr
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Quiz topic: What Zelda character am I