what would your superpower be?

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Have you ever desired a superpower but don't know what is best? Have you ever desired one that you would just want for pleasure? Well this quiz will not only tell you what superpower is best for you but what your main personality is.

Are you mostly wild and adventurous or are you mostly calm and relaxed? What superpower do you think would suit you best? Take this quiz to find out what superpower will be best for you but for everyone!

Created by: livelife
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What mood do you prefer the most
  2. If you were to break the rules to do something morally right and could never get caught, would you?
  3. What is your biggest fault?
  4. What is the best part of you?
  5. Would you ever sacrifice yourself for someone? (not by doing something)
  6. If someone feels very happy without needing your help, how would you feel!
  7. What would you like the watch the most?
  8. Would you ever watch a scary movie
  9. What do you think of cute animals?
  10. What kind of fears do you have?

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Quiz topic: What would my superpower be?