What would your other name be? Ladies only

There are many names out there. What do you think your name should've been. You can take this quiz to find out what your other name would be. This contains my opinions, so you may not agree.

Would you be Alexandra? How about Abigail? Anna? Holly? Miranda? These are the three possible results. Again, this is what I THINK about these names, and if you think otherwise, come up with a different name you asscioate with the result.

Created by: Allie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your favorite colors are....
  2. You like to...
  3. An outfit you'd wear to school might be....
  4. Your boyfriend must be
  5. You're friends say you are
  6. Favorite school subject is....
  7. Your favorite TV show is
  8. The Greek Goddess you'd be is..
  9. You would never...
  10. Did you like the quiz (no effect)?

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Quiz topic: What would my other name be? Ladies only