What would i think of you? (for guys)

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OKAY!!!!! BOYS COME HERE! This quiz will tell you whether i like you or not. BUT BE WARNED. Even though this is a romance quiz a lot of the questions aren't exactly relevant to the topic.

BE WARNED PART TWO. No matter what you score on this quiz, you will not win me over because I already am dating a guy who doesn't exist in the real world. But hey! A girl can dream! ANYWAYS HAVE FUN.

Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. What's your favorite color?
  2. Do you see yourself as...
  3. Okay enough of that. NOW since this is a love-based quiz what do you think about romance? (I have a poll of this to but that won't work.)
  4. Do you want a girlfriend?
  5. Will you comment? (YOU BETTER COMMENT OR ELSE)
  6. did that last question seem weird (as in "im not so sure I want to date this crazy girl" weird)
  7. Will you rate (RATE OMG)
  8. I AM CRAZY (lol)
  9. do you like video games (i have a poll for this to but like i said in question 3...)
  10. Last question.
  11. This is actually the last question: does it annoy you when people say "last question" when it isnt the last question?
  12. Actually THIS is the last question. Do you believe me?

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