What would Hazuki Ezmarelda Alex and Zair think of you?

This quiz is for all you fans out there. Hope you like it. Now you can figure out what they think of you!!! YAY YOU! YOUR SO LUCKY! You know, i was nice to you. This is a privalege. (Sorry im trying to sound like my mom) So uhmm.. Have fun.

You can take it now. Please. You know you wer lucky. I coulda just not made anymore quizzes. I was nice. Now take the quiz. Now. You know you want to. PLEAASSEEE!! *cries* YOU RECKED MY DREAMS! Ok ima leave now. Tke the quiz or pay.

Created by: Ellie

  1. What powers do you have?
  2. whats your favorite color?????
  3. what are you doing right now?
  4. what do you do a lot?
  5. whats your element?
  6. whats your favorite saying?
  7. do you like this quiz so far??
  8. now: do YOU like Ezmarelda?
  9. do you like Zair?
  10. ok bye!
  11. WAIT!!! Did you like it? i did :)

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