What Woodsball Position Are You?

This quiz ideal for any person interested in woodsball. But what position should you play? This quiz will give you an accurate response beased on many aspects

Do you know what paintball position you want to be? Or is this just something you are doing for the heck of it? Ethier way, you will come out of this quiz more educated then you are now

Created by: thekman

  1. What Gun do You Use?
  2. What Pisol do You Use
  3. What is Your Vantage Range?
  4. What Profession Class Are You in?
  5. Do You Like Control of The Team
  6. Are You Better At Long or Short Distance Running?
  7. How do You Suit Up?
  8. What do You do at The Begining of The Match?
  9. You See An Enemy Tank...What do You do?
  10. Do You Like Woodsball More Than Speedball

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Quiz topic: What Woodsball Position am I?