What Wolf Species am I?

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This quiz is no ordinary quiz, it’s a story! Follow a river leading you to a cave! But watch out, you never know what might just be hiding in the shadows. Dangers seek everywhere, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Watch out! A tornado is coming! Hurry, hide in this quiz! Read the story and play as you wait for the tornado to go away! Hope you enjoy the quiz, and have a good day!

Created by: WingsofFireForever

  1. Alpha, Beta, or Omega?
  2. Do you prefer to lead or follow?
  3. STORY TIME!!!!
  4. Your at Winding Ryver. The Ryver splits into 2 sections. Path A and Path B. Which do you choose?
  5. Path A looks like a possibility. It has sunshine and berries, while Path B is dark and narrow with no sunshine. You think it must be a trick. Do you choose the bad path. Path B..
  6. Your walking along the dark path, and the river has ended. You see a cave and decide to explore it.
  7. It’s been hours, and you finally see another wolf. He looks like he hasn’t eaten in days. You caught a rabbit back in the cave a while ago. Go get it or not?
  8. You decide yes, so you go back. But on your way- A scary place monster jumps out of the shadows and attack you!
  9. You defeated it! You decide this place isn’t safe, so you go home. The end! (This and the next question doesn’t effect you score)
  10. Did you enjoy the quiz?

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