What wolf Range are you?

What wolf range are you? Take this test to find out! It is your opinion, so there are no Right or Wrong Aswers. Also have fun. and remember every Wolf is Special.

Get Ready for these 8 Questions that will make sure if you are a high alpha, or a low omega. Or perhaps something else................................

Created by: Xavier883

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. A wolf asks you to prepare dinner. You say:
  2. It starts raining and you are lonely in the forest. You:
  3. You recently spot some unknown wolves on your territory. You:
  4. You are hungry and you find an abbandoned piece of meat. You:
  5. You are the leader of a pack and found yourselves on a town. You:
  6. If you where a wolf, you´d be the:
  7. What can I put here?
  8. Don't aswer this
  9. Gender
  10. Age

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Quiz topic: What wolf Range am I?