What wolf pack rank are you?

Are you a true wolf lover? Do you wonder what your place would be? Either an alpha beta, hunter, omega, loner or pup. each have som kind of rule in the pack.

What wolf will you be? Do you have the logic for an alpha? Or are you brave like a loner? Will you fight for your family like a hunter? I tried to makes this fun, so enjoy!

Created by: bubblewolves
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  1. Your friend invites you to come over and hang out. What would you most likely do??
  2. In summer, you have abot a hour of alone time you,
  3. Your the alpha of the pack, and a bear comes in holding one of your pack members. You,
  4. You are stalking a deer, then a twig snaps and scares it away. You look behind you, and it is a loner, a twig under its paws. You,
  5. The wolf in question 6 runs away, then comes back a moment later, with the deer you caught. You,
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Favorite animal?
  8. Do you love to run? Are you fast?
  9. A enemy wolf pack comes to attack your pack, you
  10. Did you enjoy?

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Quiz topic: What wolf pack rank am I?