What Wizard101 School Are You

There Are 7 Schools In Wizard101 The Schools Of Fire,Ice,Storm,Balance,Life,Death,And Myth In This Quiz You'll Be Finding Out Which One You Are Fire,Ice,Storm,Balance,Life,Myth, Or Death

Which One Are You You'll See Which One You Are You'll Also See How You Rank Up To The Other Schools I Bet You'll Be Shocked By Your Results What Are You Still Doing Up Here The Quiz Is Down There

Created by: Caleb
  1. What's Your Favorite Animal
  2. Fav. Gem
  3. If Someone Came Up And Kicked You What Would You Do
  4. Favorite Music
  5. What Do You Think The Best Spell Is
  6. How Do You Like The Quiz So Far
  7. Where Do You Want To Travel
  8. What School Are You Hoping For
  9. Favorite W101 World
  10. Final Q How Was The Quiz

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Quiz topic: What Wizard101 School am I