What Wings Of Fire Tribe Do You Belong in?

Have you ever wondered what Wings Of Fire tribe you are? Wonder no more, for this quiz shall tell you where you belong! Results might not be 100% accurate!

THIS QUIZ IS FOR FUN! Please no hate, this is my first quiz. If you want me to make more, leave a comment and a smile. Enjoy the quiz and have a good day!

Created by: TheBookWormsQuiz
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What food?
  3. Your friend is being bullied! WHAT NOW?
  4. What kind of student are/were you?
  5. Your queen asks you to be a soldier. What do ya say?
  6. You're in a battle, you look to your left and your sister is being attacked by a dragon twice her size. What you gonna do about it?
  7. Choose one!
  8. What roar?
  9. Favorite activity!
  10. What name sounds best?
  11. Last one! OTP!

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Quiz topic: What Wings Of Fire Tribe do I Belong in?