What will your honeymoon destination be?

Have you ever wondered where you will go on your honeymoon, or if you should have gone somewhere else? Then this is the quiz for you. I hope that you enjoy this quiz and that it is not a waste of your time.

In only 10 questions you can find out where you and that special someone should have gone or should go on your honeymoon. The choices are good and almost anyone wants to go on a honeymoon.

Created by: Borntobeaunicorn

  1. What/who were/are in high school?
  2. If you were 21 or older what would you drink at dinner?
  3. How big do you want your wedding?
  4. What is your ideal length of your honeymoon?
  5. What shoes do you where?
  6. How many kids is your ideal amount?
  7. Did/ are you make/making good grades in school?
  8. Are you afraid to fly?
  9. Will you take animals on your honeymoon?
  10. How much will you pack?

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Quiz topic: What will Ir honeymoon destination be?