What will you get for Christmas?

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Christmas is only 3 days away! Take this quiz to see if you'll get what you want for Christmas, probably get what you want, get clothes, or get a lump of coal!!

Please rate this. I'll appreciate it. By the way, nice hair. Just kidding!!!! I'm not a stalker or a hacker. I know a hacker game though. But I don't own it. Don't ask why I'm telling you such weird stuff.

Created by: Mackinzee Williams
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you want for Christmas?
  2. Do you think you were naughty this past year?
  3. Were you nice at all?
  4. Trivia question time!: What's another way of reconizing Santa Clause?
  5. Again, what do you want for Christmas?
  6. Lets talk. I'm running out of questions. So, do you love Christmas? My family celebrates Christmas all the time. Warning: This will effect your score.
  7. How does your family celebrate Christmas? My family puts up decorations on Dec. 1. Warning: This will effect your score.
  8. Do you like getting, or giving? (this question just popped in my head)
  9. Why do you love giving/getting?
  10. Do you deserve a lump of coal, or what you want for Christmas?
  11. Last question: Do you like this quiz? Would you rate this? Warning: This will effect your score

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Quiz topic: What will I get for Christmas?