what will you die from ??!

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Do you really want to know 0-O how you die then come check it out its TOTALLY 100% ACCURATE TRUST ME LOL BUT COME SEE IT NOW NOWWWWW XD.

But are scared to fine out the actually truth about your death then come check it out then

Created by: EmmetteSmith

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you pay your bills on time ?
  2. Do you have any enemies
  3. How Often Do You use the bathroom
  4. Do you roll your toothpaste from the end, or squeeze it in the middle?
  5. What soup do you like ?
  6. Are You Afraid to die ?
  7. Be Honest Do you wear fake hair ?
  8. Do you trip a lot on things ?
  9. Do people stalk you?
  10. -_- Last question if you can predict your death would you stop it ?

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Quiz topic: What will I die from ??!