what wildcat are you

Do you ever wonder what your wild cat is well know you can stop wondering.because I made you a quiz to figure it out you can be a clouded leopard,tiger,or cheetah!

This will only take like two minutes so please do my quiz I worked really hard you don't what you want try again and again keep trying and don't stop and in till you get it!:)

Created by: megan

  1. are you fast
  2. are you strong
  3. are you gorgeous
  4. do you like this quiz
  5. do you think i should do more
  6. are you a tiger fan
  7. are a cheetah fan
  8. are you a fan the clouded leopard
  9. are you bored
  10. are you ready to know what wild cat you are.
  11. why are you here

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Quiz topic: What wildcat am I