What web host should you use to create a website?

There are many, many sites that will make you a website out there, but only some of them are good, and even out of those, it really depends on what type of site you are going to make, and what type of person you are to decide on what web host would suit you best.

And that's why this quiz is here. Now, you can answer fifteen questions on figure out what host you should use for your site. Check it out! Good luck!

Created by: penne12 of MadisonAdvice and More
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  1. How good are you at programming?
  2. Do you know bash?
  3. What's your favorite method of programing?
  4. I ___ drag and drop.
  5. I don't mind spending about ___ setting it up.
  6. I want to install third party code for my site.
  7. My site is a ___.
  8. TRUE OR FALSE? This site is for gaming.
  9. I ____ when I get frustrated.
  10. What is NOT a computer code?
  11. TRUE OR FALSE? I can host the site myself.
  12. TRUE OR FALSE? I have a minecraft server.
  13. TRUE OR FALSE: This quiz was good.

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Quiz topic: What web host should I use to create a website?