What Warrior Cat Mate Would You Have?

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PLEASE READ THIS!! This quiz is for she-cats only. Do you need to know who your mate would be if you were a warrior well you can find out all you need to do is answers 10 questions!

Hi there! Have fun with my quiz if you are still going to do it. So you want to know what mate you will have if you were a warrior? Well you are in the right place! Have fun!

Created by: Calico cat

  1. Do you want kits?
  2. What warrior name would you like?
  3. What warrior do you want as mate?
  4. Do you like cake?
  5. How many cats do you have?
  6. What pelt color?
  7. What eye color?
  8. What do you want your mate to be like?
  9. You see your friend with your mate and they are cuddle up together what do you do?
  10. Would you have a mate in a different clan?
  11. Did you like the quiz?

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