What Warrior Cat Are You?

You Must Read "Warriors" Books By Erin Hunter. There Are Alot Of Books In The Series, Though, So We Only Require You To Read At Least 5 Books. Hope You Like This!

What Clan/Tribe Cat Will You Be? Are You Good/Evil? Have You Ever Though Of That? Well, If You Want To Know, Then Do This Cool Warrior Cats Test With 14 Questions!

Created by: PvPGamerMInecraft

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If Your Clan Is Being Attacked, What Will You Do?
  2. What Is Your Traits?
  3. Do You Have A Mate?
  4. If You're On A Hunting Patrol And You Scent Intruders On Your Territory But The Other Cats Doesn't Notice, What Will You Do?
  5. What Will You React If Firestar Died?
  6. You're One Of The Clan Cats Or The Tribe's?
  7. What Kind Of Prey Do You Like?
  8. If Your Best Friend Joined StarClan And He/She Walked In Your Dreams, What Will You Say?
  9. What Clan Name Do You Want?
  10. Do You Like The Quiz? (No effects)
  11. Last Question: Do You Want To Die?
  12. Good-Bye!

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Quiz topic: What Warrior Cat am I?