what warrior cat typ are you!!! loyal or mabey something difrint... find out in my quiz THANKS FOR TAKE N THIS QUIZ!!!


Created by: jckitty7

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  1. if a cat was druwnding you dont know who it is it could be a clanmate but your not sure !?!
  2. oh no! a fire!!! and a kit is still in the nuresery but if you go back to save her there a 50% chance youll die but if you leave her a 100% cance she will die NO!!! what to DOO!!!! lolz
  3. you get the day to self the a day off!!! your so happy what do frist
  4. uhh at the end of the quiz if say loyal and RANCHESS LOLZ it was meant to be randBUNchess SORRY iT my frist quiz
  5. a cat needs healing what do you do...
  6. your in battle! and your learder needs help or he gonna lose a life!
  7. you see a the cute kits playing out of there den and the moms watchs them aww your thoughts....are...
  8. find out a secrit that you know that you shoud let the leader know but you know the leader wont belive you so you...
  9. lalalalala
  10. did u like da quiz!!!

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Quiz topic: WHAT WARRIOR CAT am I