What Unova Starter are you? (Pokemon)

What starter are you? Find out at this quiz, so if you were to become a pokemon, but you had to choose a starter, you'd already know which one to pick!

Just take the quiz. It wouldn't kill you to take it. Its just a 12 question quiz. Also, be warned that you should know a lot about the Pokemon in Black/White because it contains those pokemon. THANKS FOR READING!

Created by: Cheesyhug

  1. What is your favorite Pokemon type?
  2. What is your favorite pokemon listed below?
  3. What is your favorite Number?
  4. What is your favorite legendary?
  5. Choose one.
  6. Pick one.
  7. Choose one.
  9. Pick a game.
  10. Bye?

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Quiz topic: What Unova Starter am I? (Pokemon)