What Type Of Princess Are You?

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Now, before you turn your nose up on this (So you think) silly quiz, let me explain to you what it really is. Have you ever wondered if you were a princess, what kind you would be? Snobby and unkind, or sweet and forgiving?

This quiz will let you see your true self, something that is sometimes hard to find out yourself. Answer these simple, 15 questions, and the truth will be out...

Created by: EmilyTheElephant
  1. Where do you usually find yourself?
  2. Favorite activity out of the following?
  3. Build or destroy?
  4. Kill or die?
  5. Magic or no magic?
  6. If "Magic" to the last question, what sort of power?
  7. What would you use that power for?
  8. Would you do something dangerous to save someone?
  9. Choose a wild companion:
  10. Choose a side most likely to succeed:
  11. Which sentence describes you the most?
  12. Would you rather be underestimated or overestimated?
  13. Would you rather be loved or feared?
  14. Which eye color appeals to you he most?
  15. Who is the real enemy?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Princess am I?