What Type of Predator Are You

Hi! This quiz will tell you which predator you are: Owl, Wolf, Shark, Lion, or If you aren't a predator at all! Hope you enjoy it! Be truthful though, and think before you answer.

ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember, this is only what predator you're LIKE not what you are in real life. In real life, you are (most likely) human! <3 peace love and pie!

Created by: Peace Love And Pie

  1. How Social Are You?
  2. What would you rather...?
  3. Where Would You Rather Live?
  4. Someone is Being Picked on.You...
  5. You lost Your Notebook.You...
  6. What do you like best?
  7. pick:
  8. this quiz is?
  9. you are? (answer honest)
  10. ...

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