what type of lover do you need?

are you having problems deciding on what you need? well guess what? this is the quizz for you! do you like a bod boy or girl? the shy sweet heart? the nerdy braniac? or maybe the popular sugar? find out!

i made this quiz because of boredom, nothing more, if you dont like it, then thats your desision, and thats fine with me. anyways i hope you enjoy this.!!!

Created by: Devious

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your partner has...
  2. your first kiss would be...
  3. pretend your in a Harry Potter movie... you would be chilling with...?
  4. you like;
  5. marriage?
  6. Lets Talk Gifts. giving or receiving you usual get/give
  7. finish this sentence i like my roses-
  8. you see potentional in
  9. do you like $money$?
  10. did you enjoy this?

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Quiz topic: What type of lover do I need?