What type of jammer are you?

There are many jammer a lot of annoying ones that I hate and a few awesome ones I am 100% awesome in jamaa and so are my buddies so are you good enough to be my buddy or not

Take this quiz and find out what type of jammer you are I hope you get what you want sorry if you don't remember this is not accurate so yea don't ge upset if you get a answer you don't want..

Created by: Randomer

  1. What do you think of jamaa?
  2. What do you enjoy doing the most
  3. Who is your fave alpha
  4. What is your fave game
  5. What is your fave world
  6. Who is your fave jammer
  7. Your motto
  8. Does this sound like a cool name "Nelufas"
  9. Do you like the greedley den
  10. Trick question!

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Quiz topic: What type of jammer am I?